Peace education is the process of promoting the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about behavior changes that will enable children, youth and adults to prevent conflict and violence. Umuhuza peace education interventions contributes at educating communities for a new vision of breaking the conflict cycles at family level for the promotion of equal rights between men and women/girls and boys and the protection of human rights with an emphasis on children. In this regards, Umuhuza has interventions in:

  1. Child Rights and Protection
  2. Gender equality and GBV prevention
  3. Social Protection

Umuhuza organization has undertaken to support and reinforce the capabilities of the Abunzi mediators.  It has developed a training manual for the Abunzi and organized their training in a bid to increase their conflict management capacity. In its peaceful conflict management program to pre-empt violence and despair by addressing the root causes of conflict, Umuhuza, in partnership with Initiatives of Change has organized and facilitated Peace Circles for different groups. Umuhuza intends to use the circle of peace as a tool for healing as well as conflict prevention at household and community levels.

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