Who we are

about us

Umuhuza is a Non-Governmental Organization founded in 2005 and recognized by Rwanda Governance board in official gazette no 50 bis with legal personality no 104/2014. Umuhuza aims to foster a culture of peace through education, focusing on parents of young children to promote improved childhood development and create peaceful and law abiding citizens. The Organization has defined its vision, mission, values and objectives as follows:


We treat others with respect. We value diversity among people, ideas and points of views.

We are committed to creating a community of integrity, honesty and forthrightness; holding ourselves to high ethical standards of respect and accountability.

We are committed to the peaceful resolution of conflict, sharing of economic and natural resources, and equity in educational opportunities.

We believe that in a world of inter-dependence, the well-being of each person depends on the well-being of the whole.

We undertake the responsibility of transforming ourselves and the society within which we live. Further, we steadfastly commit to do our best to realize our mission.