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By gathering parents and caregivers together in community parenting

In our peaceful conflict management program to pre-empt violence …

Umuhuza sees Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a very clear way to build a safer …

Umuhuzis is a viable, effective, and accountable Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization …

Umuhuza aims:

• To instil a culture of peace and conflict management capability within the Rwandan community.
• To promote mutual respect, justice, social and economic equity.
• To revive the positive traditional values of our culture regarding conflict management,
• To break the conflict circle by creating an environment of active listening and counselling to the victims of conflicts;
• To participate in the national effort to strengthen social cohesion by promoting the education and the culture of open dialogue within different communities.

Umuhuza tends to extend its program and become a viable, effective and accountable national Non-Governmental Organization by being:

• A leading partner in community/family literacy for children;
• A service provider in parenting programs;
• A listening and advisory framework for victims of violence, with a focus to intra family and community conflicts;
• A framework of constructive and inclusive dialogues within communities.

Umuhuza envisions a society in which communities live in harmony, mutual respect and dignity.

Umuhuza undertakes the task to promote a culture of peace through adherence to conflict management principles and respect for human rights.

Umuhuza aims to be: A service and training centre in peaceful management of conflicts and family literacy, a listening and advisory partner for victims of violence and a conduit for dialogue within communities.

In all its actions, Umuhuza Promotes gender through the choice of beneficiaries,