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20 Aug, 9:45 AM
Morning Service
“The Word of God”

One significant activity as a goal, or specific activities within the church

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Umuhuza envisions a society in which communities live in harmony, mutual respect and dignity.

To enhance the positive socio-economic transformation of communities through building resilient capacities.

Umuhuza aims to be: A service and training centre in peaceful management of conflicts and family literacy, a listening and advisory partner for victims of violence and a conduit for dialogue within communities.

The notion of promotion of peaceful culture leading to the prevention of conflict in the Rwandan society is not new in Umuhuza interventions. Indeed, for the last years, Umuhuza has been working with different layers of the community in building the capacity of people in dealing with different forms of conflicts. Many efforts have been put into conflict prevention through…

Human Capital Development seeks to build commitment for effective reforms and investments that will transform human capital outcomes for the greater good of both people, societies, and economies. Umuhuza will emphasize on building and providing holistic Integrated Early Childhood Development services and improving the literacy and numeracy skills of both children and adults by providing a conducive environment for reading…